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How to build a doll house out of a steamer trunk? Answered

I would like to build my daughter a doll house out of an antique steamer trunk and am wonding if anyone has done it or seen it done.


and good luck with the build

i don't know if this help's but i found a one pic lots of luck

I was planning to do something like it. Check out the toy stores to see how they have doll houses, the more "play-like" ones can fold in half for storage. Depending on what scale you want to make it - realistic or to fit a certain doll(polly pocket, bratz, barbie, American Girl, etc), decide how many floors you want to divide the steamer trunk into. The layout could be vertical or horizontal. You just need to add thin plywood, masonite, or scrap wood panelling floors. You can glue thin strips of wood to on the walls of the trunk to help support the floors at the edges. Cut holes out for windows. Actually apply plastic for windows(cut out scrap plastic from packaging or get sheet styrene). Wallpaper and use carpet samples to carpet. Add stairs. Decorate. It should be a fun project. Remember, it doesn't have to be actually to scale or fully deocrated and a kid's imagination is wonderful. Good luck.