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How to build a hut? Answered

I am setting up a table for international day and my group is representing the Darfur Refugees. I am in charge of making a hut/tent that resembles the conditions that the refugees have to live in. I have some scrap metal lying around and tarps and stuff, but I have no building skills. How should I go about making the hut?



10 years ago

Considering the pictures of some of the huts I've seen on TV , in magazines, and expirienced firsthand in Somalia, this lack of skill may be to your advantage. When these (and other refugees) make shelters, they do it with whatever is available. Their construction techniques are, ahem, dubious at best. If nobody is going to be inside the shelter, and there will be no liability problems, just make do with what you have. If , OTOH, you must comply with safety and ensure nobody gets hurt while 'visiting' the shelter, then use a skeleton of construction lumber and secure whatever materials you need to this (enough that it won't fall off/apart). Basic lean-to skeletons are no great engineering feat, and don't be shy about asking others for input. Look in the Boy Scout Handbook for basic survival techniques for shelter building, or any outdoor survival how-to article (I hear https://www.instructables.com have bunches!)