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How to build a infrared transmitter & receiver ? Answered

I am on a build to make a led display for my room , i want to toggle it on/off  using a infrared remote & that is the part i have no idea how to do ( I am not good at IR circuit's ), Googled it but was unable to understand them.
I would be greatly thankful  if someone could help me on how to make it  , & the part's that would be required ( or simply link to any good instructable )
Have a nice day guy's
Bobblehead Einstein


I think the easiest way to do this, would be something similar to this ible:

This is the old trick of using a IR receiver module, together with an old TV IR remote. 

The circuit described in the link above is not smart enough to actually decode the pulses it receives; i.e. discern which remote, and which button is being pressed.  Instead, all it does is toggle an output each time it receives any signal, from any IR remote.

This circuit,
is another, maybe better, example of the same thing.

Www.Picaxe.com has all you need READ the manuals on their site

well thay may have all the thing's but picaxe chip ain't available in my country( India ) & i am not willing to get them from ebay or any other site, i prefer live shopping