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How to build a long distance remote (150 yards) for a mp3 player with external speaker? Answered

I want to build something similar to this http://www.thewarrenersden.co.uk/calling_decoying.html    or similar to this http://www.gofoxpro.com/products/digital_calls/product_gx7.php The important thing I need is to be able to use it from a distance , basically a long distance remote (ie 150 yards) for a mp3 player hooked up to a external speaker anyone done anything similar or any suggestions?


REmote control of an mp3 player is going to be very difficult.  Remember they are computers with boot up secquenceing etc.

If you were using it to make one call or just a couple of different ones, you could set it to loop continuously the use the remote control to turn the speaker on and off.

To use it you would set up your equipment then turn on the player and amp.  Using the remote you would turn off the speaker.  Then move yourself to your stand.  Use the remote to turn on the speaker.  You won't be able to chose which call gets played since you are looping the mp3 and you are catching it randomly.  You will also catch it in the middle of a call occasionally.

You could use a 1 or 2 channel r/c car controller.  There are switches that you can plug into the receiver instead of servos.

I have never seen a remote control mp3 player but that does not mean they don't exist.  If you could find one then you could figure out the control system and make it stronger.

If I was wanting to build something like this, I would build an fm transmitter like from like this and use that to send my mp3 sounds to an fm radio placed where I wanted.  That way you could control the mp3 player directly and have it play the sound you wanted at the right time.  I built one like this and it'll transmit 400-500 feet thru my metal shop building.  Out in the field without any near fm towers it should get much more distance.

Sounds like a great way to answer my question. I am in the UK do you know a website where I could buy something similar (unfortunately I am not a very techy).

Here's one that is not a kit.  It should work for what you want to use it for.  You do have to put it in a case.