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How to build a remote controlled humane trap? Answered

I work with a humane society and we have a need to build a remote controlled humane trap so we can trip the trap when the right cat walks in.  It would need to run on batteries and work at a 30 yard distance.  There are a lot of creative types out there and wondered if anyone had an ideas on how to add this device to a trap so it can retract a pin and drop the door.  Any ideas would be appreciated..... Thanks,  Jim


THe exact details depend on exactly what you can find to put it together.

Start with you usual cage door trap.  The one I have has a swinging platform in the middle that has a bent rod on the outside that forms the trigger mech.

Take out the platform and the rod.

Install in it's place a solenoid that will hold the door open when the solenoid is extended.  Now the solenoid is the trigger mech.  When the solenoid is pulled in by the battery the door closes.

Now you need to find a remote control device that will operate at least 30 yards.  It can be from a remote control toy etc.  It only needs to be one channel.  You could even just use wire with a switch on the end but you'd have to roll out the wire everytime you wanted to use it and roll it back up when finished.

Anyway if you go the route of the remote control.  Depending on how it works you need to connect it so that it will cause the solenoid to retract on command, there by springing the trap.

There are different types of solenoids but this explains the type I'm talking about.

i got a remote and a selenoid alll works perfect with a 12v battery ... only the solenoid is nor strong enough to hold the door open ... ca you recommend at suitable solenoid for a feral trap ?

Are traditional cage-door traps unsuitable? Surely catch and release is less work than monitoring a trap for a given animal.