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How to build a strongbox for a video camera? Answered

I guess that is what I want to build. I basically need a box to hold a camera and a GPS that can also withstand a lot of damage. It would probably be a lot like the rigs they use to send cameras up with weather balloons. 

Any recommendations for materials? I can build it well enough, however, I don't know what can take damage and protect the electronics at the same time.


feathers,bubble wrap,foam,plastic,plastic bags,that stuff in pillows,wooden box nailed and super glued,more foam,more bubble wrap...

what are you protecting it from?

If it's going stratospheric, then you need heating while its in the -60 high altitude, and cooling when it's in the near-vacuum (no thermal dissipation from so little air)...many cameras self destruct in those conditions.

Lots are made of a rigid structure surrounded by insulating foam.

If it needs more physical protection, add it in layers. Strength often precludes gps because it involves armour and materials that inhibit the gps signal -- so you need an external antenna. Weight is also a big concern with stuff going high up.