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How to build an EVAP smoke machine? Answered

I would like to build a smoke machine for testing the EVAP system on cars. Have seen some on other sites, but the guys on this site are geniuses, so come on and give me some ideas!


Without knowing your background, experience, tools and available funds people will find it hard to help you.

Perhaps you should start by updating your question with what you've tried already, what examples you've read about on other sites and what the problems with those designs are.

Hi, and thank you for your comment.
I'm an auto mechanic. I have most of the tools you need in an automotive shop, including welding equipment/ soldering equipment and so on. I used to have access to a ($ 1000,-) smoke machine. But after moving my shop I can't mooch of my neighbor shop any longer, so I'll need my own. Knowing that all it is, is a machine that blows smoke into the vaccuum system of the engine at about 1-2 psi, it shoulden't take a rocket scientist to build your own.
Haven't really done much research yet, so all tips are welcome.

Jalle1, have you found any more info on this or built one yourself? I have the same problem, I need one & can't afford the expensive things they sell.