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How to build an FM transmitter? Answered

I want to start my own temporary radio channel. Well me and my friends plan to do it, so first we need a FM transmitter, so i was wondering if anyone of you could help me out.
I am good at implementing circuits on PCBs and making circuits in general, so i dont think making one should be such a big problem, but the problem is i dont know how to make one, so needed help with that.
If there is already an instructable please link me to it because i've not been able to find one. 
Thanks! :)



Best Answer 5 years ago

There are plenty of low power FM transmitter schematics online but they won't transmit more then a few hundred feet. And that's for good reason. If you go any more powerful then that you start running into federal regulations and will need to get a license. Do a google search for FM transmitter schematics and you'll find what your looking for.


5 years ago

Buy a kit. For less than $100 you can build a kit that will work. If you build from scratch you probably will never get it to work. Ransey is a good place to start.