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How to build flashing bike lights? Schematic please. Answered

Hi, I need to build some flashing led bike lights, I was thinking of flashing 6 LEDs. I need a really simple circuit that I can make from spare electronic junk. Anyone know where I can get a schematic?

Thanks, David.


you can build this with just about any general purpose transistor.


Ok thanks, I used 47uf instead of 100 to give a higher flash rate and changed the resistance to that I could get 6 leds from it.

Buy flashing LEDS and make life easier for your self.

Will flashing 6 flashing led's have good enough timing to keep in sync for up to a hour?

No but it shouldn't matter - in fact the varying flash will attract more attention..
they are cheap so give it a try

Google for an LED flasher circuit/schematic. There are tones of simple 555 timer based circuits out there.

I don't have a 555 timer and its a pain to order one in, its probably the best way to go if I cannot get anything else to work.