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How to build flexible-neck light? Answered


I am trying to build flexible-neck lights.

By flexible neck, I mean like those USB laptop lights that bend in all directions.

What material is the flexible neck made from?  Where can I but this?

Thank you.


try using a straw instead of a piece of tube. the straw has a bendy section that should work.

The material for those flexible necks is usually "flexible conduit" which you can find in both metal and plastic. You can get it in a variety of sizes at any decent hardware or electrical supply store.

If you want something fancy (with a shiny finish, for example), you'll probably need to spend a bit more money, of course.

When I look up "flexible conduit" it is just an empty tubing. It doesn't have the rigidity to retain different shapes.....or did I not understand correctly.

It is empty, but because of the way the metal spirals are linked, it does hold it's shape. Also, you will have wires running through it, and if you choose solid-core (rather than stranded) they will also help to maintain the position.

I really like this one. If you don't want it to be USB powered, you could also wire it to be run off a battery(ies) instead.