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How to build soler panel? Answered

Any body help me about to make a solar panel for over 4.5 V at home, required material and other essentials? 
material should be cheapest.
I will be very thank full to you!
Adeel naveed


Currently, making a solar panel that provides any useable amount of power at home is impossible unless you happen to live in a multi-million dollar semiconductor plant.

However, it IS possible to make a solar panel at home. If you want to make a solar panel at home just to prove that it can be done, check out Nurdrage's video on dye sensitized solar panels. But you must bear in mind that the solar cells made by this method are not practical by any means, and I'd be surprised to see them powering anything more than a clock.

Solar panels need to be constructed in a vacuum with very expensive equipment. Just buy one from Ebay.

Do you want to know how to assemble solar cells and the necessary electronics to control it? If so check the related instructables to the right ===> Also eBay is a good place to fins cheap cells.

If you want to make your own cells forget about it. You will never be able to grow the crystals and assemble the cells for cheaper than buying them.