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How to build the Rooftop Illusion? Answered

I found an image with the length dimensions for the Rooftop Illusion but cannot find the angles to allow us to actually build it to work...can anyone help?


Starting from the upper left corner (between 14.5 and 20.5 dimensions) and working clockwise, the angles are 74.5, 124.7, 100.9, 134.4, 64.5, 139. PM me an email address if you want a graphic. Hopefully the "add images" button will be fixed soon.

A link, to the project you describe, would be nice, if you can find the strength to copy-and-paste it.

This one,


has one step, and some of the pictures attached to that step have numbers scribbled on them.

I have to admit, I do not see any angles labeled in those pictures. All I see are lenghts, in cm (centimeters).

Maybe you could estimate the angles from the pictures. I mean, like if your photo editing program has tools like ruler and protractor.

If you do not have software that can do this, then I dunno... Maybe you could print the image to paper, and then use a traditional ruler or protractor. Or just use a ruler, plus your sin(), cos(), tan(), functions to figure out the angles.


4 months ago

Since the site owner is preventing pictures, you do not refer any ible and my magic globe is being polished...

What can you suggest ?