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How to build this KOZO pipe lamp? Answered

The lamp: http://www.kozo-lamp.com/#Kozo Man (It is the Desk Lamp called "KOZO Man"

I really like this lamp and would love to have one, but I am DEFINITELY NOT willing to fork out $500 for it. I have seen many other 'ibles on pipe lamps but I'm not quite sure how to build the feet of this lamp (the wide part at the bottom). I also would like to know how to build the hands.

Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 5 years ago

Looks like an easy project to me.
You'll need a couple of 2" to 1/2" reducers and some various other parts. Make a screen capture of the lamp and take it to a local plumbing supply retailer, a competent clerk can help you round up all of the appropriate pieces in a few minutes by looking at the picture.
Get a lamp cord, switch and bulb socket of the correct dimension and take it home and assemble it. You should be able to complete the lamp assembly in an hour or two.

Thanks! So the 2" to 1/2" reducers are for the feet, right? And also, what pieces are used as the ends of the hands, and the big, nut thingys on the bottom?


The "hands" are connectors with a neodymium magnets on the ends. The bell shaped pieces for the feet are 2" to 1/2" reducers. In the bottom of the reducers are "thread in reducers," 2" to an indeterminate size.
As I mentioned, a competent clerk can easily figure out all the parts you'll need just by looking at the picture. You can count the number of pieces beforehand to make sure the clerk gets all the parts you'll need.

Ok, I think I've got it now. Thank you!