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How to bypass bluereef? Answered

Its some sort of Access Control & Network Enforcement program that doesnt let me access blocked websites and i want to know how to get around it...


Can someone tell me how to get it off

My school installed bluereef 2 years ago, and i could hack the origonal one with some time and effort, but then it was updated a few months ago, and i could no longer use the hacking trick, anywho, There is a search engine called webanywhere, and isn't blocked, you do however need to type the full URL of a website to find it, typically I type in the google URL (http://www.google.com) and use google via webanywhere. Its really helpful for getting around bluereef

I'm one of the techs at Blue Reef and our goal isn't to block everything but to find a balance for an open web while maintaining a schools duty of care. We want you guys to be able to get by your day without being hindered, in fact theres a few new things we have added last year to help this.

Teachers can now create temporary codes for you that you enter in a block page to bypass. Everything you do is logged and reported back to the teacher however for the session.

There's a dashboard portal that shows you, your teachers and year level co-ordinadors what you spend internet time on (40% on Education sites, 15% on Social media, 20% on blogs, 23% streaming media etc). What this means is because there is a level of transparency, the school can trust you with more access however this can be taken away if abused. It's a great way of rewarding responsible use.

somthing are blocked they are blocked for porn2 on a site learning about ancient egypt there are sites that school tells me to go on blocked sf_dateing personal on wiki answers some site are blocked for childeren time wasting i woulkd highlly recommend looking through your blocked siite and changing them because this is ridcoulous

What i done to get past it for my school is if it has gorilla firefox then you can
you to to tools options 2nd tab from right inside of that is 5 tabs its 2 or 3 across and you press advanced and a window will appear it says a proxy thing and the blue reef proxy is already set and you just select no proxy. it worked for me and i now go on Facebook all lessons and it also doesn't let them look at your screen so you can do whatever u want in class hope this helps. :-)


I'm a teenager who wants to get past Blue Reef, and it's NOT to get onto porn, games or social networking sites. In fact, I deleted all my social network accounts about six months ago. We don't all use the internet for that stuff, and making that generalisation about the up to 1 billion teenagers with access to the internet is a bit offensive, although I'm sure you didn't mean to sound rude.
The problem I have with blue reef is different. When I try to do research on the internet at school (and since I'm a boarder, I can't just wait until I get home) half of the informative sites are blocked, too. It's difficult to do school projects when so many websites with information on them are blocked because of "Home_Shopping" or "Dating_Personals". Many of these sites I have visited before, so I know that they don't actually contain either of these things.
I also tried to take a look at LGBT sites and Wiccan/Pagan sites, but these all seem to be automatically blocked, too! Although, to be fair, the reason given was "Hate_Discrimination", so at least someone else thinks that this is unfair! :)
I'm not sure which of these things is Blue Reef's fault and which can be attributed to the IT people at my school. Either way, I hope that you can see why people want to be able to get around the Blue Reef system; it's basically inconvenient and a lot its blocking hinders the use of the internet for educational purposes, rather than assists it.

Ironic. I followed your link, only to find that it was blocked... by Blue Reef. XD

Correction: A lot *of* its blocking

Well my school has blocked it and mabe we can go on sites to see what stuff we can pass.

@ gstroot

grrrrr.... my school only just installed blue reef this year :-/
and i hate it.
i think that everyone should be able to choose how they use the internet, even if they're in school

well its our fault if we waste time on Facebook/Youtube...its OUR future, OUR choice...besides we all get unlimited Facebook on our Mobiles


7 years ago

I'm a sys admin at a school that uses Blue Reef and we don't block sites like facebook etc because we dont want you to go to them - its because not only do a lot (not all, but a lot) of students waste loads of class time playing on these sites, but it also makes things like bullying a lot worse. The amount of students that have issues with other students because of things put up on facebook or myspace is really quite disturbing. And yes, it might be a personal page that isn't related to school but the teachers have to deal with the repercussions of these incidents and in turn, to deal with them, they turn to us to stop it from continuing while students are at school at the very least.
The other reason 'Everything' is blocked (which by the way can be altered by your sys admin removing categories that dont need to be blocked, ie we don't block Marketing or Shopping sites because they dont need to be blocked from our girls or for us and too many people need to access them for subjects such as Commerce or Business Studies) is because we can't monitor every site you access in order to ensure it doesn't contain spyware or virii. As far as I'm concerned, I'm more worried about the security of our school network than which students said what about who.

Blue reef blocks everything. and even when the website is actually helpful, like, question and answer forums or soemthing like that, they block. So I'm just wondering, if you can crack blue reef to make what they block out.

Sorry I'm a bit late...

If you are still under the same filter, then I can help you.

This all depends on whether you can get a teacher's password or not.
At my school, teachers have unlimited internet access, so I asked around and some kid had a teacher's password. When you visit a blocked website, blue reef's block screen will pop up. It will say BLOCKED PAGE. It will also say Click Here to edit the policy if you have permission to. Click on that and you will be redirected to a login screen. Enter the teacher's details and log in. Go to the whitelist tab and enter websites to unblock.

It wont work for every site (school).
.. The permission to grant access to the policy exceptions system is based upon group. I also shudder to think of what would result from your violation of AUP

Here is a better idea: The problem is obviously the pursuit of liberty in a restrictive environment.  Sonar is not designed to be a blocker but a facilitator for education

Tell the IT Manager that Sonar can permit 20 minutes per day allocation to sites like facebook, Myspace and Youtube (whatever you can get), and that you promise to be good.

Tell them that they can enforce a new Acceptable use Policy on the way to escalation. Tell them that a teacher can also "turn it on and off" and that it will turn itself off after 20 minutes (or whatever) if they want.

Tell them that  Blue Reef Sonar Engineer told you it could be done and Blue Reef is happy to take a phone call:
1300 591 099
Blue Reef thanks you for your free publicity :-)

Yeah, Obviously editing the policy using a teacher's login may not be universal, but it would normally work for a teacher's account because they can be trusted. What the heck is AUP? I have violated the computer usage agreement at my school so many times, I think it is in the thousands :) If (I think) you are a staff member of Blue Reef, consider this: >Us kids are getting smarter all the time. >I am a very persistant person and I do not like giving up >I do not dislike you or any other members of Blue Reef team. I only dislike your products.

Mr, perhaps-Super_Mario :-)
Yep, I work for Blue Reef. I actually enjoy working where I do because I also enjoy the game and would love the chance to debate this with you.

Mark my words that given a few years you may find yourself offered a position working for an organisation like ours. You would be wise to take it.

The show I saw the other day with Pimply-faced-overweight-jittery-wasted-sleep-deprived teenagers that had discovered porn in an era of freedom were a testament that we are necessary.  The products you dislike go partway to compensate for an internet that provides access to things and ideas that should never see the light of day, have no regulatory process other than ours, and  is built upon a product that we also helped assemble (the internet).

<>patronising_tone>Sorry but you may be too young to make any objective judgement  as to what is good for you</patronising_tone>.

Don't see security in such an adversarial way. Vulnerabilities are like the human immunity system. Bugs get in, they are combated, immunity is built up, bugs get in... It's the circle of life.

I know how persistent you are. I used to maintain a wall of the email we get sent asking us how to work around us. Never a justification, just a point blank "how do I circumvent you?" I expect that you may get around "us" and given enough rum I may even be tempted to provide my ideas on how it could be done. Problem is that for every method I can conceive of how to get past us I can also think of a countermeasure.

The problem is that every countermeasure has the potential to overblock and then you have gone forward 1 step and back 2. These countermeasures (by the way) may not be from "us"

My initial response to you is just that... ask in a mature fashion and you will get a mature response. Sysadmins (not all anyway) don't want to spend time thwarting you, they have better things to do. They are driven by teachers that are asking for the internet to provide the liberty it was intended for, and also by parents and custodians that know too well that too much freedom jeopardises the defence of that freedom.

What you propose is identity theft and social engineering. what I propose is that you get smarter about the social engineering.

I have responded to some of the email by the way... I have asked for a username, password and school name so that I could try to issue the liberty...
It was simply provided...

You go Mr Stroot !! Good to see you haven't dropped off the planet since becoming a salesman :-) Another happy blue reef IT techie

I know that it is not Blue reef that sets up the blocks on various subjects. I understand that there is a fine line between having a good time (ie. social networking, games, etc) and wanting everything. The only reason why I am still trying desperately to bypass Bluereef is because I am trying to give everybody freedom by giving them access to all of the above. I am not trying to access really bad items (porn, gambling, etc). I am not too young to make a decision for what is and isn't good for me. Those people who sent you emails saying things like "How can I bypass bluereef" are down right stupid and haven't figured out that it is not you who set up the filter, but the head of IT who has set it up.

This is what I have been trying to say:
All kids today want is to have access to social websites and activities (games) on the computer except the adults are preventing us from it. It's like saying you can go into a sweet shop, but not eat anything. For some people like me, I am not really happy with this idea, so we fight it.

It all boils down to: Do we really need computers? Some teachers in my school are using computers so they get recognised for incorporating IT in their curriculum even though you could do the job fifteen times faster with a pen and paper.

A very tired super_mario

P.S. Sorry about my last comment. I was a bit grumpy

It could work (for a short time).
On your site you suggest going to an anonymiser because yours will eventually get picked up (your'e now already smurfed):

* IF! you got another proxy anonymiser that was not already blocked (getting rare but there will always be one).
* You went to the anonymiser and put in zimbico... hmmm but it's already a blocked site... Proxy category..
* OK so IF! the system wasn't blocking the proxy category and were relying upon the post inspection filter. You could get to Zimbico
* Now you could get to facebook by doing the url splitter IF! it was not inspecting based upon facebook watermark in the "banned phrase" setting.

...lot of work just to leave a digital fingerprint that will never leave you

I've got a better idea:.
Pick up your football. The thing your parents gave you to get you away from the computer. Find a friend that does not know what an Avatar is (isn't it a movie?) and get them to teach you to kick it.

Or figure out what zero point energy is and solve the energy crisis

pardon me if i disagree abt the 'figure out what zero-point energy' bit mr. GST root. But I am 13/in a special accelerated learning class/not a nerd but I already know what zero point energy is and I believe that it is not the way to go, energy is relative and cannot b created, only refined or harnessed. e.g. what about harnessing the power of gravity, drilling deep into the crust (possible) to harness the heat into energy. since super mario backed out of the 'debate' if u plz i would like 2 continue. if u 2 would like 2 then plz inbox me. And if u can plz give my compliments and anger 2 the person who thought up the ip adress block and the banned pharse block. very smart indeed... Wank on! lol

that website dosnt work at my school. got any other ideas??

You need to browse to my page from home, then read the instructions there. It will tell you what to do next.