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How to capture on demand streaming music from Napster? Answered

Don't have any fishy business in mind, but I was just wondering how to capture on demand music from Napster, if  that'd be possible.
I actually have a simple napster on demand subscription and I saw they also have some napster on demand music streaming plan that lets music be streamed to cell phones.

I just need couple of songs I want to get on my cell phone so I thought it'd be a good idea to see how to capture napster on demand music songs and save music for  transferring on my cell phone.


Think I can also help you with this dilemma of yours.To get the job done right and just record or capture and save Napster on demand music streaming what you might find helpful is a streaming audio recorder, not a sound recorder.

Streaming audio recorders can capture and record only the music being streamed through your browser so any other sounds are ignored from the start.

I you want you can take a closer look at Audials Tunebite, I've been using it since some time ago to record streaming audio from other sources,  I don't use Napster anymore.

Since it works for saving streaming audio, I am pretty sure it  will work as well to record and save napster on demand music for you. Best part, for me at least, is that this program has batch recording plus cuts, names and saves individual mp3's.

Saved me a lot of trouble.

Interesting, so you say this Tunebite might work also to record Napster on demand music streams?

I suppose I should give it a try as well, after all what have I got to lose...

I stumbled upon a similar plight like the topic described here. To use a streaming audio recorder to record and save streaming music on demand on Napster seems to be a suirefire way. While I am searching for how to record Napster, I personally got a lot of tutorials.

They mainly described for us how to use recorders to record audio streams on the internet. Perhaps you can go there too.

Well yeah, it most likely works to record Napster as well, since it's an audio stream recorder it can capture streaming music from a lot of sources.

I don't have a subscription anymore to tell you exactly how it works to capture and record Napster on demand, but I use it quite often to timeshift music from a couple other audio streaming sites and I am pretty happy with the way this one works.

You can capture pretty much any audio that comes out of your computer with audacity. But it is a recording process.


Yeah? Haven't used that one till'now, but if u say it can also record napster streams I should give it a try.

Thanks for the tip.

I haven't tried it, but it should. Select source as "stereo mix"


Thanks, though I'm not so sure now about it if while I record napster streaming music with it I also get background noises. That'd be pretty crappy.

It takes the signal internally. Yes you might get Windows-noises, and game-noises, but you'd have to stop / mute those.


audacity but I didn't tell you.

audacity records everything passing through the sound card so if your PC will play it then audacity will record it - Obviously in a hypothetical way!.

Of course, it's all hypothetical - not in a million years would anyone want to see how it works.

Lool, that's an even better point. That would be enough for me as well to not realize the songs are not real and start lookin' for hackers on my pc, paranoid as I am.

Still, getting back on how to record Napster music streaming or some other similar music streaming service, it's more than annoying if u record any background noises alongside the napster music stream, this ruins the whole music listening experience.

Isn't there any sound recorder that might be able to filter out any background sounds and noises while it records Napster streaming music?

Yeah, got most of them disabled as well. Don't like hearing dinging and stuff wile I listen to music or something like this.

But still this is a good point, it's be kinda useless if I start to record napster on demand streaming and I also get some background sounds in the recordings. That's something that' ll make the whole recording napster thing pointless.

Should keep this in mind.

Definitely on a win pc.
Don't have the sound recording software yet, that's why I was wondering initially if and how it would be possible to capture or save napster on demand music .

Cool, never though it would be possible to capture on demand music from Napster subscriptions but hey I must admit I am a noob when it comes to this sorta things.

Though curious on one one thing, when u capture Napster streaming music with that program mentioned by lemonie, don't u also capture the other sounds that might pop up on th pc?