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How to change diagram for EL Wire Inverter Answered

As you all know, building it yourself is almost always cheaper! I've been doing a lot with EL Wire recently and I want to make my own inverters since the ones online can be pricey. There seem to be a LOT of ways to make an inverter. I liked this one in particular:


What would I need to change to achieve an output of about 200v at about 500hz? I've read that this is optimal for EL wire.


hate to break it to you, but buying it is cheaper, i did the research last week.
well, almost cheaper, and in most cases is cheaper
on sale a suitible inverter transformer costs 2 dollars. plus like 6 or 7 dollar shipping
other circuitry would cost about 30 cents max plus like 5 dollar shipping.

you can buy an inverter plus like a foor of el wire for like 4.50 plus free shipping

so if u build like 10 ud break even, but even then it just doesnt seem like a good deal