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How to change from LG connector to Jack 3.5 (if i can), please help !!? Answered

I`m sorry for my english.
I have a pair of headphones lg phone and i want to change jack to use them with another phone. It can change, yet to keep Control for volume and / or change songs? and if so, how? and if not, how to change to jack but keep at least the mic. Please help, i really like this headphones !!


You need to find the pin out for that connector so you can figure out which wires are for the headphones, mic and what the other wires are for.

the colors are the same? because on other headphones i have red, black, green and ground.and i know i need to find them, but i don`t know how. an idea?

I'll say it again. Find the pinout for that jack. The pinout will tell you which pin does what. Then you can trace which wire is connected to what pin. Or you can pull the headset and mic apart and see what color wire is going where.

Your better off getting another headset.