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How to change from LG connector to Jack 3.5 (if i can), please help !! Answered

I`m sorry for my english.
I have a pair of headphones lg phone and i want to change jack to use them with another phone. It can change, yet to keep Control for volume and / or change songs? and if so, how? and if not, how to change to jack but keep at least the mic. Please help, i really like this headphones !!


No need to post the same question in multiple areas on the same site. keep the conversation going in a single place even if you don't like the answers your getting.

The pictures you posted are of no use other than IDing the connector for the phone to try and find the pinout for that connector. There are no standard wire colors for this sort of thing so no easy was to tell you which wire does what through a picture.

So break out a meter and start doing continuity checks between the wires. I can tell you the large breaded wire in the middle is likely the ground. Since the speakers and mic are coils of wire you should be able to do a continuity check between the ground and the other wires till you find the 3 wires with the least resistance between them and the ground. Then you can hook up an audio signal to each and see where the sound comes from and you'll know which wires are which.

sorry but because other websites i use to post several topics. now, about this topic, i know how to find them, but how i connect 5,6,7 pins, cables, comands, etc, on 3.5 jack. can i do that? that i want to know.