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How to change the cover image of an instructable already published? Answered

I'm having some trouble with the cover image of my instructables: sometimes the image of the first step is the one that goes to the cover (like I want it to be), but sometimes any aleatory picture goes to cover. How can I choose the cover image, and how can I change the cover image of an instructable already published? Thank you!


You DO NOT need to unpublish anymore. All you need to do is go Edit > New Editor > Publish > Change the main image to whatever you want > Save

Just give it time to save and that should do it!

Yeah, there is an issue with the cover image. One way to fix it is to go into the new editor, unpublish it, then make sure the main image selector is right and republish it.

Is there a way to directly change my cover image without unpublishing?

I went into the editor, changed the introductory image, saved, and exited; this did not work.

I have already entered my Instructable in the Video Games competition, and don't want to lose my progress!

You need to use the New Editor to change it. Your image looks fine from your profile page. Remember, to change the main image, whatever you want as the main image needs to be in the Intro Step.

It's the only image in the intro step; however, the one on my profile retained the original image. Thanks for the speedy reply!

I wanted to incorporate both the encoder and the finished product in the splash page, so yes.

Please be aware if you do this, it will change your publish date to today's date and will remove you from any contests you are entered in.

The thumbnail image should not randomly change - you should move this to Bugs, as it may be an issue with the new editor.