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How to charge a 2 liter pop bottle leyden jar with a DC power supply? Answered

Okay. So I am having some difficulty with somthing that should be simple. Leyden jars. I know that you can charge them using static electricity, but I need to know exactly how many volts are being pumped into this thing for a physics project. Because of this necessary knowledge I require, I have been trying to charge it by connecting pos and neg to it but that does nothing..... Any help how I would be able to do this would be great.


You apply as many volts as your DC supply can supply. If its 12V supply, your cap ends up with 12v on it. The total capacitance of a Leyden jar is very small though, and you won't have much CHARGE on the plates.

Why do you think it's not holding charge, and "how many volts" are you pumping into this thing?


Have you looked at some of the Instructables on the right?


There should be additional information (along with the full plans)...

Oh I have looked. None give directions about using a DC power supply.

You might want to post a question (in the comments section) to nickademuss who wrote the ible "Layden jar of DOOM!". He says he has a degree in electronic engineering, and appears to know what he's doing, and should be able to help you with your project. ;-)

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