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How to charge a battery shaking a magnet in an inductance (phenomen of magnetic inductance)? Answered

When a magnet is agitated near to a circuit, it induces current in it. But this current is alternative, right? So does it exist some batteries that can charge with an alternative current? Because in fact, most of batteries charge with a direct current given by a transformater, or so it causes damage, don't it? And so, how can we calculate the number of spires of the inductance that give the best way of charging batteries? And what is the law expressing the current variation knowing the magnetic strip variation? A lot of questions, I'm just curious . So thanks in advance for having read my question, hope you can help



Best Answer 9 years ago

You could go to enormous lengths to work out the best number of turns for your inductor coil and the right wire to use but why don't you just make a coil with as many turns as you can with the wire that you have?
You will need a simple recitfier but these are easily obtainable from electronics suppliers. It will have four wires protruding from it two of them will have little ~ symbols on them and the other two will be labelled + and -. Obviously you attach the coil to the ~ones and the battery to the +/- ones. (There are no batteries that charge on Alternating Current).
The formula connecting current to magnetism can be written down but basically what you need to know is that current is proportional the the CHANGE in the magnetic field - the bigger or faster you can make the change the better.

(I don't know what you mean by "magnetic strip variation")


There is a process called rectifying, whereby an alternating current is changed to a varying DC current.

Start with this wikipedia entry, and then google from there.