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How to cheaply get TV on a Portable DVD player Answered

Hi, what's the cheapest and/or simplest way to pick up TV signals on a Portable DVD player. I have a Polaroid player w/ 11" lcd screen the DOES have AV input jacks. I assume I will need a Digital antenna and some sort of receiver. Where can I find these, how compact are they and what can I expect to spend? Is there an all in one or unit? I'm open to hacks. Any input or advice would be appreciated, Thank you.


The Digital converter boxes work great.

This is a cool ible. I did get a voucher just in case I wanted it for something. I still need some sort of receiver though, which is the problem. The DVD player doesn't have a channel selection. It's only meant for dvd or outside input. What I need is an actual tuner. Good to know I can easily make my converter 12v though.

The converter box is a tuner and receiver. It has an antenna RF out and has composite out (L/R audio and composite-yellow out). If your DVD player has the composite in and maybe only mono audio(get a Y-cable), it should display the external video from the converter box. If you can hook up an old VCR output to your DVD player and it works, just substitute the converter box output.

I see, so the converter has a remote or channel selection button right on it then. That's exactly what I needed. Thank you.