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How to check, if the IR sensor (from remote control) is working ??? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask, how I could check, if the receiver (for remote control) is working.

I bought on Ebay a used SCART FREEVIEW adapter ... but unfortunately it doesn't work (properly). I'm able to power it up, to see a picture = big logo IKASU. And at the beginning a small pop up menu appears and ask me, if it should start to check for channels. After few seconds it disappears and that's it ... I can't do anything else. There is just the logo :(

I check the cables, of the receiver - there are fine, not broken. The RC seems to send signals as well (checked with camera if the IR led lights up). Do you know, how I could check, if the IR receiver works ??? There are 3 pins going out, from the receiver.


Have you checked continuity from the solder joints on the IR Receiver right through to the circuit board?

To ensure that there are no breaks in the wire, or the plug and that the plug is making good contact to the socket?

Damage, these days, is more often mechanical rather than electronic component failure. My guess is a dodgy contact in the socket.

The receiver will have power, ground, and signal coming off it.  You should be able to hook up a small led between the signal and ground , then when its receiving data it would blink....maybe

Other than that its an oscilloscope. 

THAT SAID - I'd guess something else is pooched.  I've never heard of an IR receiver dying.