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How to "chew" a large amount chewing gum without actually chewing it Answered


I want to chew a lot of chewing gum without actually doing the chewing myself (or inflicting that task on others) for an art project - can someone suggest how I could do this on a large scale?

I don't know if I should put it in a blender, soak it or what?

Also, I'm going to be making a half moulds which will be used to press the gum into, then I'll press the halves together. Is there a good way to harden the gum in a short amount of time? Would baking it work? Or does it need to be dehydrated? I have a dehydrator...

Thanks for the advice.


You could just make your own big batch of gum. Since you wouldn't be eating it you could omit the sweeteners and flavourings to make it cheaper.


Drop it in warm water - it will soften and become mouldable.

Yay! One problem solved