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How to clean iPhone junk files and get back space? Answered

I wanna update to new iOS 8 lately but my iPhone 4s space is not enough. I've deleted some photos and videos. What else can I do?


If you want to clean up junk files like caches and cookies on your iPhone to free up space. You can try on a tool like PhoneClean to give you a hand. Here is a guide you can refer to: http://www.imobie.com/support/free-up-space-on-iphone.htm

I also faced the space problem regading the space in the iPhone, and don't know that my iPhone has lots of duplicate pictures and when i cleaned it with this app Duplciate Photos Fixer for iPhone, i got 2.4 Gb space in my iPhone. and i think that's a lot. I'm very happy with this.



Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac is an iOS cleaner tool runs on Mac OS X, it can scan and sweep away various junk files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to release storage space. When I update to new iOS 8, I used it, it help me free up about 50% storage space. And I used it regularly to keep my iphone fluent.


3 years ago

Don't even think of doing that update. It will slow your 4 down, much to Apples pleasure, because it pots pressure on you to buy the latest.

There comes a point when Apples drops support for older phones. Your 4s is just within the update window for iOS8 but as you have found requires a lot of space. If you do not have a pressing need to update then don't. Otherwise you will have to delete many games and other apps to make room. The iPhone doesn't really have junk files that build up taking up space. Unless the app is storing additional data in which case you'll need to delete it through that app. You'll probably want to do some research and see if the upgrade is even worth it on a 4s.

Delete more. There comes a point at which upgrading a phone is impossible on a given device without purging large amounts of files, sicne garbage collecrtin is so poor that they get filled up with junk you can't access.

PS, if you have a computer or other transferable location at your disposal, you can copy files to from the phone, and so instead of deleting to retain them.