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How to clean microfiber couch? Answered

My couch and ottoman are both a light brown microfiber/faux suede fabric. I need to know an effective method of how to spot clean this fabric without damaging it.


I had a microfiber couch that I was supposed to "hold on to" untill the previous home owner was able to pick up ( Family ). It is light brown and just NASTY! From 4 large dogs and the people that used it for a while just didnt care enough to take care of. I mean this couch was gross! Not sure what shape yours is in but I disregarded the heeded warning on not using water on it and I steam cleaned it. I did somewhat change the feeling of it. It feels more like a faux leather and the color is slightly darker although not enough to notice as it is pulled from the wall and didnt clean the back and you cant tell the difference. It looks nice now. And it still sits in my living room and I regret when it is reclaimed from the true owner. I also bought some scotch guard to protect it as I believe most of the stains was from water... Just in case yours is in bad shape.

Didn't it come with any cleaning instructions?

they do, but who keeps that sort of thing, or if they do, know where it's stashed...? It's a couch!

I actually know have mine somewhere, but unless I mistakenly put it with my product manuals, I'd be hard pressed to find it without a thorough search of my house.

When I bought mine, they said to use a dilute solution of fabric detergent (mine are blue, not brown). It works fine for most things, although I cheated and used a bit of OxyClean on a few tougher ones and almost medically applied latex remover after finding (several months later) that I'd nicked the side of the couch with tangerine paint while painting a wall. I*f you need something stronger, I'd do a spot test, using a q-tip to carefully apply the cleaning solution or solvent - latex remover for instance - to one of the spots before going full-force with the cleaning operation. Basically, the rule is mild soap and warm water.