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How to clean my soldering iron? Answered

Before a year I forgot the iron solder on a plastic made object and I don't  Know how to clean it
Please I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for my bad english,
I'm from hellas



Best Answer 7 years ago

once you clean it with the wire brush... you must immediately apply solder to the exposed metal. otherwise, the tip will again start to "BLACKEN" and will not work well when soldering. Get yourself a small SPONGE and soak it with water. During use of the iron.. occasionally wipe the iron's tip on the sponge. Keep a water bottle with a squirt-tip nearby your solder iron so you will wet the sponge when doing soldering operations.. This will keep the iron's tip clean and ready for soldering when you need it. Lastly... dont leave the iron plugged in for hour after hour when not in use. That blackens the tip and is a fire hazard and an "accidental burn" hazard.

Let it heat up to "carbonize" the plastic and "scrub" it with a ball of aluminum foil.

TRY some "wirewool", or a brass brush.

I don't know any good solution other than scraping, replacing the tip or element, or waiting for the stuff to burn off.