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How to climb a 1,768 foot tower Answered

Those tall transmission towers need maintenance which means that someone has to get up there to do the work. This video shows just how that's done. Full-screen view is highly recommended.


One foot at a time. LOL

ugghh, i feel nauseous now.

I was once terrified of heights, but now, only if I am not on something "solid" (even a small 2 seater airplane is solid enough), but this makes me giddy.

When he said it was "just" another 60 feet to the top, I had to turn it off.  I felt like "I" was going to fall. *shiver" 

I went back and eventually viewed the whole thing....and he ends with "that's how you climb to the top of a transmission tower."

WRONG !  That's how YOU climb to the top of a transmission tower,  I wouldn't do it. :-)

If he let go, he would die? God, I'm sweating like hell!

it would be terrifying on the way up, but really fun to parachute down! am i the only crazy one thinking that?!

my heart dropped every time he looked down :L

This should be viewed in IMAX. Cowboy boots are a must for any such activity.

IMAX yes, but Cowboy boots for WATCHING it!

They dont make boots epic enough for this job.


geez they should make like an elevator climbing 1768 feet would be.......ugh 0.o

Only if there was an elevator all the way up...

We watched this in DVP class, I knew instructables would have linked it. haha. I would need to be paid tons of money, for that. Imagine if you forgot your toolbelt when you got up there..

Was it just me or did anyone else get vertigo watching this? I got to hand it to these guys, not a job I would ever want to do!

That was scary, you seemed to be taking big risks, then I saw your partner. I figure you're swapping anchor points every ten rungs or so, he's linked while you climb and your linked when he climbs. I'd guess a foot between rungs; if you slipped you'd fall 20 feet and be left dangling 1000 feet above the ground. Yikes, thats scary.

It would be bad if a lightning storm came if you were up there.

Also, I tried to play the video, but it says it's no longer available.

I do believe this calls for a song

Whoah! That's awesome!