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How to communicate with the SD Module? Answered

 i have run a program on Arduino Duemilanove where the program i got from blushingboy.net/p/SDuFAT/ 
but there are some error that i do not know how to correct it...
please help me to correct the error..



- is the library in the right place
- have you read all the instructions for the SD Shield and its library?
- have you tried a sketch that doesn't use the library to check if it is your arduino not the shield
- have you tried one of their example sketches
- is your SD card formatted correctly? The Wave shield needs it in a certain format, it would be worthwhile checking to see if this is the case for the SD module.

 i already check it and everything is okay..

How can we correct an error you don't describe ?


there are two errors. here are the errors:

error:default argument given for parameter 3 of 'long unsigned int pulseIn(uint8_t, uint8_t, long unsigned int)'

error:after previous specification in 'long unsigned int pulseIn(uint8_t, uint_8, long unsigned int)'