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How to connect 2 lines power kite strings Answered

Hi ,I bought my kids a power kite that shaped like a paraglider ,it has a control handle with two strings coming out of it but the Kite itself has five Bridles ended each with an anchor point ,two in the front end,two in the rear end and one in the middle .any Ideas on how to connect them lines...??? Thanks



Normally you see tow middle lines as well However -

On the kite take a line from the front a line from the back (same side) attach to 1 control line

Take the other side front, back and attach to the other control line.

take a line from each control line to the middle attachment.

The intention is that the middle line takes the strain of the kite and the front and back lines give you control. Somewhat like this drawing but this kite has 2 middle lines. from

Thanks a million ,
I'll rig it up ASAP,It's sitting in the closet for at least two years ,
I guess it is time to have it up and flying ,is there any special trecks I should know about handling this type of Kites ??

Sorry ,
I missed that earlier, I appreciate your kind and your quick response

see the web site I took the picture from