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How to connect IR receiver ? Answered

Is this an IR receiver ? If it is, how can i connect it to a (or a few) LED's so that i can turn on the LEDs remotely? Please help, Thanks fujiapple


Wow it is indeed a SHARP brand receiver. It has 'GP1U5' engraved on it and '2x 164' printed on.

It IS an IR receiver. It looks suspiciously like one of these

That will create a clean signal from an IR transmitter, but it will NOT do any decoding. You have to take the serial stream from the receiver into a processor and decode it to drive your LEDs.

No doubt someone has done it for an Arduino or something like that.

I would try to find a part number if possible and enter it into Google. My guess would be that the three big pins (in the picture they are the leftmost and the two rightmost) are to anchor the receiver to whatever it was originally attached. The other three are most likely to be like the pins in this picture if not reversed. http://mediagate.pbworks.com/f/IR_receiver.jpg

I just used that picture for the receiver label ignore the rest