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How to connect LED Strip Answered

​Dear sir,
i have purchased a 5 Meter LED strip with adaptor today in online. can u just instruct me how to connect the strip?
the 12V adaptor will work for 5 Meter strip or can i use it the strip by cut in to pieces?
kindly help me in this regard.



3 years ago

How can we know without further details? Did it come with instructions? Did you contact the company you bought it from for usage details? Generally, LED strips are made be pairing up 3-4 LEDs in series with current-limiting resistors in that series as well, and these series's are all wired in parallel on the strip, which is why you have to cut them at certain intervals for them to work properly. I would assume that you connect the 12V adapter to power input on full length of the LEDs. If you are paranoid about dmaging the LEDs, you can always install like a 100 ohm resistor in series to check if it works out.


4 years ago

This info is related to the strip itself and and either the instructions for it or the seller can answer that question.