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How to connect adsl with phone extensions Answered


I have adsl2+  now and trying to set it up.

My landline comes into the front of the house into a 3 pronged female connection which also continues to the back of the house about 20 mtrs away

I want to take a line off first connection this to another room where I want to use the dsl with an XP desktop.

I also want to use a desktop at the end of the extension at the back of the house as well as a fax.

I have a splitter which I guess i will use at the back for the fax and the dsl modem.

My problem really is how to make the first connection to the first dsl.

Would I need a splitter here too?




Yes, you need a splitter for EACH connected phone port.


Thank you.

The splitter I use is a Y in from main then out to a) modem b) phone.

If I am going to the modem on the first connection is it correct that I would plug the outside line into the main in and the modem into the modem out.

This leaves one phone connection out empty.

Then I would do the same at the extension. Is that correct?

Thanks again.


No I think I may do it this way..

In from landline to first connection..straight down to back to splitter.

Splitter to modem and to fax phone.

Modem to my already setup LAN, which goes to the front XP as well as other Xp boxes. All have had cable to web and LAN for years.
Sound okay?


Yeah, sounds OK. Just check that there are no bare connections to the phone line from ordinary phones/faxes. ADSL will work until the phones are off the hook, then the connection will drop.



6 years ago

The people you should really ask are the tech support people from your service provider. If you need any additional equipment such as filters and splitters they should be able to provide it for you. They are the experts for the system that you have.