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How to connect multiple computers Answered

I am trying to learn how to connect multiple computers so that they work together as one. How do I do this?


I would like to use old xp machines I would like to run xp on the end machines but its not neccesary

thats virtually imposeble but there is a cink in the armor there is a catch though you have to do a little modding

*Pet's ibook g4* Mac's have built in task distrubution software. If I took 4 ibook g4's and connected them all to a 4 port hub, I could distribute a task like encoding a movie or the such just buy enabling it in the system preferences. Any other os is probably 10X harder to get going, not to mention the software you have to "buy".


10 years ago

It used to be VERY SIMPLE back when they All had COM/RS-232C ports!

Or search 'Linux cluster'....

Yeah, it kind of depends on what OS is being used and really, which type of computer (pc, mac, midframe, mainframe, superC, etc ).