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How to construct a Bascule bridge using only popsicle sticks, glue and cotton strings? Answered

How can we construct the truss structure and the hinges, mainly the hinges, using only the sticks, thin (1 mm cross section) cotton strings and glue? can u please suggest ideas for the design of the same?? We would also appreciate if you'd give us suggestions for the construction of the open-close mechanism, which incidentally, what a Bascule Bridge is all about!



i have already searched the wikipedia.. n google. but they do not tell me how do i make the open close mech with popsicle sticks

no there isnt a limit on no of sticks,n yes its two leaf...but the catch is its gotta be as light as possible.

Look on Internet it may help low dw I find all dis stuff all the time difficult dw just ask your teacher or call a friend easy! Just copy someone at school maybe 2 easy peasy lemon squeezy when u think about it dw xxxx speak soon sammy <3

This link explains this type of bridge.

You can google "bascule bridge" to bring up a ton of other links that will give you the info that you need.

Did you look at the instructable bridges on this site? Just look to the right for a good list of related items.