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How to control case fans? Answered

Just recently i got a shiny new 3.2GHz dual core computer, but it has two case fans i have no control of. they use the 3-pin connector, and Speedfan 4.3 cannot specifically control them. i know that macs have smcfancontrol, but is there a program like that for pc?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Support for fan speed control is either included in the motherboard (with that 3 pin connector, power, ground and speed sense) Speedfan should be able to tell the motherboard to control the fan speed.

If not then you need to get a separate fan controller -- it takes power in, and spits out pwm fan controlled plugs. The input is from one of 3 places: knobs on the front of the case, automated from temperature sensors, or serial connection to computer software (similar to what speedfan does).

I connected my front & rear case fans (push-pull arrangement) in parallel with the CPU fan, so they all go up in RPM together under heavy load. I checked the amperage rating of the CPU header and it's more than enough for all 3 fans at 12V(max). Worked great for 2 years now.

Generally fan control is handled by your bios and temperature sensors on the motherboard.

For curiosity's sake, why do you need to manually control it? I've had zero problems with my motherboards over the years, and aside from minor tweaks to the threshold temperatures, I jsut let the bios handle it for me? My systems are and have been taxed pretty heavily, although I'm not of the mindset to bother with overclocking (would buy a faster system if I need more speed than it will give well below its bleeding edge)

i need to control it because my cpu is idling at about 60-65 degrees celcius.

i read more in-depth here on 'ibles and found out how to control the speeds properly with speedfan, now it idles at 49 degrees!

ah... I see. understood. Thanks for the reply!