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How to convert 24v 3-4amp dc to 12v 1amp dc using minimum components? Answered

How to convert 24v 3-4amp dc to 12v 1amp dc using minimum components?
I tried using LM7812 but donno why output showing only 6-7v with no load, tried changing another 7812 but same. So please help or tell me another way.

But when trying to step down from 24v to 5v with 7805 it's working, getting exact 5v output, then what's the problem with 7812? Why getting 6-7v output from 24v.



I know its a bit late to comment on this section but thought to write it anyways. Its better to use the buck converter modules based on XL4015 IC that you could cheaply get from online sites like banggood or ali express. This would also make the project much neat. Do you really need to converting 3-4 amps to 1 amps ?? coz normally its the load attached to the power supply which determines the current draw and not the power supply. The load automatically determines it but for certain other cases like battery charging and couple of other things we must restrict the amount of current flow even though the load demands a higher value thus, we use a buck converter module with a constant current function. So what is the load in your case??

You wired it wrong ?

A 7812 is a bad choice these days, because you will need 12W of heatsink on the device.

wired it properly. Is there any other way to step down from 24 to 12v ?

It doesn't work: its not wired properly. I'd suspect your load is too big, and its in shutdown, or your ground is missing.

Yes, use a buck converter module to reduce 24 to 12.