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How to convert HTML glitter text code, found on some sites, to GIF, or PDF, so I can embed my creation into an e-mail Answered


Test Model: Go to gifs.com > glitter text generator (upper tool bar) and there's a HTML coded sample. This generator is one of the very best I've seen, WITH A BUNCH of great font selections....wish I could use them. I'm out lookin' for an AVS Vid Converter......probably while you're reading this. I've been tryin' to crack this NUT for a month now....thanks for your input. P.S. As a glittering word of text, I'm not sure if it starts out as a 2 or 3 frame GIF, and then gets encoded into HTML for ether uploading, or what...I just know that I need to go the other direction before Windows Mail will shake hands with it. I can't wait to run your AVS experiment. Thanks again. < BOB > )


9 years ago

So its a moving text? You should be able to right click it if its moving and save it as a GIF, but if not you can download a free GIF animator.