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How to convert Multiple old laptop screenss into standalone monitors Answered


I have a few broken laptops with good screen amd i was wondering if something like http://images.pugetsystems.com/images/pic_disp.php?id=19510 can be made using these https://www.instructables.com/id/Old-laptop-screen-into-Monitor/




All monitors have support hardware. In the case of most laptop screens this support hardware is built into the main board of the laptop. It is extremely difficult to isolate this hardware from the rest of the board so you can use the screen in other applications. It's rare that the board is separate and allows the screen to be usable like the one in the instructable. There are some "universal" adapters that will work with some screens to take the place of that hardware but you gotta be sure it's compatible with the screen you have.

If you are able to get it all to work together then you can combine the screens into a wall of screens but you will need additional hardware to make it all work. Unless your PC's video card already support 6 monitors. Most already support 2 to 4 screens.

Thanks for the reply.

I realised that i need some special hardware, but i do not know what hardware.

Do you have the names of the hardware?

Also i posted this photo only for clarification, mostly i will connect about 4 screen together, that's all.

If shipping is that bad for you it will be cheaper to buy new monitors then to try and reuse the laptop monitors. The controller board kits run about $50 US depending on which one you will need for your screens. If one is even compatible with the screens you have. Good chance you'll order one and it won't work. Factor in shipping and customs or 4 of them and you might as well go to a local retailer and buy a nice 32" monitor.


Thank you for your reply.

I already have a tv, i am trying to do this project more like a fun project, as i have some free time and do nothing. I would like to do some small project to pass that time.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I will look into other projects if this one is too expensive...


3 years ago

With the size, cost and efficency of monitors continuing to get better all the time I don't think its worth it to bother with trying to reuse old notebook screens.

Instead put them up for sale on E bay. People are often looking for replacement parts and you can a pretty good price usually. Just be super accurate in your description and include lots of pictures.

By the way, last December I bought a new Asus 28 inch LED monitor for $190 with a $30 rebate and free shipping. That should give you an idea about the value of trying to reuse those.

Thanks for the reply.

In the country i live, it is very expensive to ship something out. So selling on ebay is not an option. So that's why i want to reuse it. Also when i buy something big on ebay, the shipping price is at least $30, and i have to pay all kinds of custom tax here.

I will connect at most 4 screens together, and it is just for fun. I want to know what kind of hardware can be used to achieve this.