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How to convert a google sketchup project into a bmp or other image format? Answered

I tried to convert the final project from googlesketchup but nothing.I was wondering if there is a programm which does this work


If you hit ALT-Print Screen, the active window is copied to the clipboard. You can then past into e.g. MS Paint and save.
Macs are similar, but it's probably Apple-something.


Apple Cntl Shift 3 for a straight screenshot, or Apple Cntl Shift 4 to draw a box around what you want to copy to the clipboard.

"Draw a box"? What a neat trick, yes even better.


This Instructable (found in links to the side) states that you can export the finished drawing as a Jpeg or similar format (see step #1). Have you read the instructions or checked the help files for info on how to do this? It should be written in there somewhere.