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How to convert a jpeg format picture to DICOM format?? Answered

I have the hard copy of an MRI ( it's in xray sheets). Unfortunately I don't have it in a CD. I need to send this abroad but I can't send the x-ray of the MRI just in case I need it here. I have taken pictures of the x-ray using a light box. Now I have been asked to send the pictures in DICOM format. I have no idea how that is done.
I have about  5 x-ray sheets and in each there are about 29 pictures. I have taken individual pictures of each and every picture.
Can someone please help me to achieve this? I need to do this ASAP!



You have two problems:

1. Creating a DICOM image froma scanned source is not recommended unless you have a calibrated scanning system.

Too much vital info from the scan is lost during a scan with low quality equippment.

2. The whole purpose of taking an MRI is the better resolution and possibility to create a 3D image if necessary.

I only see the option that you send in the original sheets to your new doc.

Must be a pretty low cost hospital if they can't provide the scan results on a DVD or burn one on request.

AU is not the most developed country in medical terms but we have all scans done in digital form and the results are sent online to the doctors who need them.

I believe DICOM is the format used by medical imaging systems like the MRI. You probably need to go back to the doctor or the place where the imaging was done so that they can provide you with a CD. I don't know if there will be a fee but they will bundle it with a viewer program that is usually proprietary for the specific equipment they use. That way, the doctors can see the entire scan in 3D from all the imaging done.

By the way, you can go back in to edit this topic to remove your image if it is an actual one that might contain personal info. Good luck.

and when you get your CD, make a data CD copy of it to hang on to in case you need it.

Thanks for your reply.

I have asked from the hospital but they said that they erase records after 2 weeks. They said had I wanted it I should have requested for it. As I didn't know about it it was too late.

If I need it from the hospital then I need to get the MRI redone, and that is really expensive. :(

Sorry to see that you are in a tough situation. I don't know if your doctors or the consulting ones can prescribe another MRI that might be covered by health insurance. A search shows there might be some jpeg to dicom converter software out there but I don't think the average person outside of an imaging institute would have it or be advanced enough to use it. I hope they have some options for you.