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How to convert a mini laptop (Netbook) with a broken screen to a workable instrument Answered

Hi everyone

I have a Gigabyte Q1000C which recently fell and busted the monitor. The machine still works fine, other than the battery no longer charging. I would like to convert it into my "writing" machine (I write short stories as a hobby), almost like a typewriter with a screen.

The main idea is to purchase a smaller second-hand LCD PC monitor and gutting it to fit into a custom built enclosure, I also need to be able to convert it to a direct-power sourced instrument, thereby bypassing the battery, which I have no clue how to accomplish, my electrical skills are dangerous at best.

If there is anyone who could help me with the above-mentioned ideas, I'd be very grateful.

The design ideas are either a retro feel, steampunk or cyberpunk vibe.



5 days ago

You can fairly easily repair many laptop screens. Most cheap laptops, the 1366x768 TN displays cost under $40. It would also be good practice to learn how that works so if you happen to break a much more expensive display you know how to repair it.

Just figure out what display it uses, what connector it uses (most common modern laptops use either a 30 pin or 40 pin ribbon cable that carryies an eDP signal over 3 or 4 LVDS twisted pairs. Think of this cable as an embedded Display Port (cause that's what eDP is!)

Otherwise you need only connect an external monitor to it for it to work. I had a lenovo laptop and the display went bad. I attempted to repair it, however ended up breaking plastic parts while attempting to take the screen hinge apart, and those parts are unavailable for purchase. I can fix it electrically but not mechanically. I have later succeeded on the repair of my gigabyte areo 14, although it's 1440p IPS display costed me over $200! Unlike the vast majority of displays, I wanted IPS and had to find a display with a matching 40 pin ribbon cable.


8 days ago

Remove the battery and it should work fine just on mains power.
And for the monitor it is similar, remove all but power, screen and computer connection.