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How to convert dc to ac? Answered

Can anybody tell me how to convert dc to ac i actually want to convert 9volts dc to 9 - 7 volts ac cause i need to supply this ac voltage to a step-up transformer so that it will convert it into 200volts the real problem is when i provide 9volts dc to the step-up transformer it only gives out 41volts in output but when i gave it 9volts ac from another transformer it gives out 200volts ac and that's what i need but i need it to be battery powered so i need to convert the 9volts dc supply from the battery to 9 or less volts ac that's all i want to ask how to do it!




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First of all, Periods. Second, how could you possibly get a reading on the output on the transformer with DC going in?

Alright, so you need an inverter. rickharris has the right idea, but basically make sure that the equipment you are using can handle the current draw. Instead of using a 9 volt battery, try six AAs. They should be able to supply more current.

i've just connected the two treminal out from the battery to the secondry wnding which is of 8 volts.the i checked the voltage with a multimeter it shows 9volts DC in 40 volts AC out.

How does that even- what? What the hell? Is anyone else confused?

firstly , sorry for the late reply , 3 years i guess , i didn't know english back those years , and even i am confused how did i got the reading then.

i want to change 9v DC to small AC only by single small cheap help me tell me

hi! i want to know how to convert dc to ac so that to increase its volts by transformer. actually i had a lot of amperes but less volts so for that i want to first convert dc to ac for step up transformer. so please tell me that how can i convert dc to ac and 2nd i want to know that do step up transformer decreases the amperes and what is AA battery??

read wiki about oscillators , use a sine wave oscillator to convert dc to sine wave then use a high power transistor to amplify the output then feed it back to the secondary winding of the transformer.

ha! Firstly i am the one who asked this question few years ago when i knew nothing, an AA battery is a general battery which is used in yours clock or t.v remotes but they have a bigger size than AAA (not to be confused) , 2nd these step up transformers works on the principle of electromagnetic induction (Mutual induction basically),they are basically used as step down but you can use them as step up also by reversing the process. For example you have a 110 to 6v AC transformer the to use it as step-up transformer supply it 6 v (AC) to the secondary winding and the output will be 110 volts AC. Now do you get it?

You need a lot of current. What kind of source are you using ?

You can't do it with a tiny little battery like that. You did well to get as much as 40 V from the transformer.

A 9V battery doesn't have a lot of power in it. Trying to use it to produce 200VAC will run it dead in seconds or overheat the battery and cause it to burst open. 9V batteries are best used in small low power projects. Even then it would be better to use 6 AAA batteries rather than a 9V.

Apparently your 9V source isn't putting out enough current for the step up transformer to give you the full 200VAC.

A 9 volt battery - assuming a PP3 isn't going to give anything but milliamps.

Converting DC to AC in a quick dirty way but goo enough for a transformer try a 555 times set to give 50 hz and a suitable power transistor to drive the transformer.