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How to convert human voice into a digital signal? Answered

Can anyone give me an idea how can I convert human voice to a digital on? 
I want to detect some ambient human voice, the content didn't matter. Just hitting that frequency range or it is human voice and give me an on signal. 



Well for one thing, if you are going for "detecting that frequency range" there is quite a variance there. Another thing, you don't need to convert it to digital to "detect it", or react to a specific frequency. The only reason you'd need to convert it to digital would be if you wanted to use the digital voice for some other use OR to detect it directly with a digital frequency detection type chip. That seems like a lot of extra hardware and PC board footprint that might be unnecessary.

A microphone hooked-up to an amplifier will give you a +V signal.


Hi Lemonie,

thanks for your reply and would like how can I regular it to a fixed voltage like 5V?

Use the signal to trip a transistor / IC / Arduinio as a signal, i.e. make a separate power-switch device.


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