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How to convert ohms to volts? Answered

I want to make a taser and the circuit i have needs an audio transfomer 1k to 200k but i cant find it coz im in india can anyone please tell me which power transformer am i supposed to use

thanks in advance
jumper1111(not my real name of course)



Are you following a specific Ible ?

I'm new at electonics so I don't know what's an ible sorry

Are you being deliberately obscure?

Google how to make a stun gun and the first option will be this

It uses a transformer with a 1:200 turns ratio, a power transformer won't do it. There are DOZENS of Instructables on "tasers" and "stunguns" - look on the right of the page here.

They all use disposable cameras but I want a circuit can you give me any link for it

Being new to all of this you probably don't want to be building a high voltage device from scratch. Start simple and work your way up.