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How to convert propane grill to natural gas? Answered

I have a propane grill that I would like to convert to use natural gas. There is no conversion kit I can find on the internet or at stores.



It needs a different burner, regulator, and possibly valves. Your hardware store should have 'replacement parts' for a grill - find one in the shape of your grill that is designed for natural gas. Propane has a lot more btu's per cubic 'whatever' than natural gas - so a natural gas burner will have more flow and larger holes with less air/fuel ratio.

I built some lpg burners years ago for heating tanks when I was rebluing firearms. I'm not going to rely on my memory though.

The main difference between the two different gases is the types of orifices each one needs to restrict the flow of the gas. Each type of gas requires a different sized orifice.

Here are two links that should help you.



I hope this sheds some light on the problem.

It's in the burner arrangement. Can you find a conversion-kit for some other gas appliance, and what is it like?
I've a feeling it's down to pressure regulation, and possibly nozzles.