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How to convert starch into glucose? Trying to make sweet rice- or oat-milk.? Answered


I am trying to make rice milk or oat milk , and I need to know how I can convert the starches in those grains into glucose to make the result  taste sweet... I don´t want to add any sugar...


Googling "convert starch sugar" or "convert starch glucose" comes with several relevant hits. It seems that the amylase enzyme breaks down starch into simple sugars. I am not sure where you would get it but I saw some reference to brewing so you might try stores that supply home brewing.

ok...I should probably look into the brewing thing...

Are there any other common things that contain amylase, other than maltet grains?

human saliva, pancreas, ginger, raw sweet potato; corn, barley, wheat, oats. rice and other grains, reishi mushrooms, beet roots, leaves and stems; banana, cabbage, egg, kidney been; maple sap, Milk, Raw honey, sugar cane

google is your friend! :D

...for this kind of question I like instructables better....so many experts on so many different things! And thanks, FoolishSage!

Thanks Kiteman!

...unfortunately cooking only converts some of the starch, not enough to make the result as sweet as I want....

When I buy rice- or oat-milk it is much sweeter (without any sugar added)...

If you read further, they talk about adding acid.

See the bit about Sulfuric acid - which is the process to make glucose from Starch