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How to convert this into 3.5 mm universal jack? (Image given) :@ Answered

Actually I'm a complete newbie and I'm afraid that I would ruin my speakers if I do it without instructions.
Can somebody please give me step by step instructions on how to replace this jack with the universal 3.5 mm jack. :)


Samsung for a long while made a specific 'headphone' port/adapter for their phones - because a standard port was too large -- this combined charge, audio, usb data, etc into one connector -- its just a matter of finding the pinout for that samsung connector, and hooking them up to tip, ring, and ground of the headphone port.

Odds are if you strip that cable carefully you'll find 3 wires (or 2 and a heavy sheath around them)

they will be 'left, right, and ground' -- the 3 connectors you need

Hook the 2 wires to tip and ring - and ground to the base of the connector on the headphone plug.

What is that connector for? Is that in iPod connector?

You might be better off buying a proper adapter... Nowadays you can get them in kits (with a variety of ends), and they don't cost much. (Plus there's no fear of ruining your speakers). ;)