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How to copy info from 5 1/4 in disk to cd disk. ? Answered

Do not have drive to read 5 1/4 in disk, want to transfer software info to disk I can read CD OR 3 1/4. FLOPPY


You need the 5.25 drive. Unless you can find copies of the software on the internet somewhere?



8 years ago

 Most software from that era relied on the system clock to run. Nowadays, the system clock is over 2000 times as fast. If the software fires up at all it may run through it's entire operation and close before you can even blink.

True, but there is a piece of free software out there called moslo that emulates a slower PC clock.  It let me play through most of my old Ultima games a few years back. 

Could be worse; could be an 8" floppy...

EBAY or a brick & mortar surplus shop for a 5-1/4 reader....

Tough trick though...are you sure there's even data on the disk anymore? that's a pretty old format. and degradation has likely set in....I tried to dump some data from a set of 5-1/4 disks about 2-3 years ago and over half were unreadable.

Sad too...I miss Dr Halo and and few rather cool DOS games I had stashed away on those disks...the rest was old data ...I wept, I cried out, I moved on...

BTW, running old apps is simply a matter of using it in tandem with a program like DOSBox and similar. Don't believe the dullard hype.

I suspect the cheapest way to go about it is find someone who has an old computer with both 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" drives.  I know my Mom's still got one in her basement, and the old clunker fired up just fine last time I tried.  If you can get it to a 3 1/2, most PC towers still have a disk drive.

You also might try Goodwill or St. Vincents or something, but I suspect they don't even accept computers that old anymore.