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How to covert a web cam (with usb connection) to a wireless one to fly on a rocket? Answered

Hi, I was wandering, if theres any way to convert my web cam, so it can be sent in to a rocket. To do this the rocket is going to need batery power and memory. I dont mind taking it to bits and i have all to bits to make a circuit, eg. soldering iron, electrical tape circuit board. Thanks Oscar



Best Answer 9 years ago

This is possible - but it isn't going to be a something one can put together with odds and ends. Here are some commercial solutions to consider.

You could use one of many wireless USB hubs/routers available like the IOGear Wireless USB Hub.

However the power requirements an total package size won't be rocket friendly. There are alternatives like the BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam...

But the total transmission distance isn't very good. They are working on a range extender - not sure when that will hit the shelves.

For best distance/range and package size you should be looking at the AIRCable Optieyes.

Good luck!


Rick Winscot


8 years ago

I know that your question is already answered. Traxxas makes the rc hero. It is a camera that is strong and waterproof. It is supposed to be on an rc car, boat, or plane. You could probably get away with it. looks a little bit big for a small rocket. If you have a big rocket it will probably work. It cost $179. It is pricey. http://www.traxxas.com/products/accessories/gopro/gopro_overview.htm


9 years ago

Under normal circumstances it cant' be done. You need a processor to take the data stream from the camera and convert it. then you need somewhere to store it. You could build one yourself but I'd cost WAY more than just finding a small camera and mounting that in your rocket. Look for a self contained video camera that either is usb or pull the chip to down load the memory. Then figure out how to make that as small and light as possible.